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USA:Sailing mrkt better than Power mrkt

10/03/2008 par Ancien4425 0
USA. Sail America's Executive Director report sailing market better than power

Saturday, 08 March 2008

It seems as if every headline in the marine trade press these days have the words "profits down,"

"boat sales down" or "attendance down" in the title. While I know this isn't really the case on

a worldwide basis or in every segment of the market, there’s no denying that we are facing one of

the toughest domestic market environments in recent history.

Without doubt, the economic uncertainty, the anemic housing market, rising fuel costs, and the fact

that everyone seems to be working harder than ever, is having a serious impact upon the boating

market and leisure activities in general. Despite this doom and gloom there are still some bright

spots in the market. The export market is strong thanks to the weakening dollar and the “new

wealth” in the emerging markets, with many companies experiencing solid sales in Europe, Latin

America and Asia Pacific. Companies that have aggressively pursued new product introductions in the

U.S. and abroad are fairing better than companies that have stuck with the same old tried-and-tested

products. Many manufacturing companies are also seeing goods cost less through better outsourcing of

products and components, and more efficient manufacturing processes.

Overall, the sailing market seems to be holding up better than the powerboat sector. High fuel costs

are the primary reason for this advantage, but sailing is also more in line with the cultural and

social aspirations of many people. Sailing is healthy, invigorating, exciting and, above all, GREEN.

With growing environmental awareness and concern, sailing will be regarded as an “alternative

fuel” vessel and, let us hope, will become the preferred choice for boaters.

Many of these issues will be discussed at the inaugural Sail America and GE Capital Solutions

Sailing Industry Conference this June 11-13, in Newport, RI, at the International Yacht Restoration

School (IYRS). The “Growth Through Innovation” business-oriented conference will bring together

over 100 sailing-industry professionals for a full day of educational seminars, keynote speakers,

panel discussions, breakout sessions, workshops and networking events. Proven leaders from the

worlds of business, economics, technology, marketing and sailing will mix and mingle with conference

participants to discuss future trends and best industry practices.

In next month’s issue of Sail America News, we will take a close look at the Sailing Market State

of the Industry research that was released at the Miami International Boat Show in February.

According to the study, production in the sailboat sector fell 5 percent in 2007 to 14,158 units.

The drop represents seven years of slow decline in sailboat production.

The study, which was conducted by Rick Walter of Market Research Associates and presented by The

Sailing Company, concluded that the 20-foot to 40-foot category saw the biggest declines in

production, dropping 15 percent from 2006 to 2,284 boats. The 0 to 20-foot category saw slight

declines, but the 46-foot and above category saw growth in 2007, increasing from 145 units in 2006

to 249 boats in 2007. The estimated value of 2007 sailboat production increased 6 percent to $802


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